My Minimalist Journey

Before Motherhood

I began my minimalist journey in 2012 when a coworker introduced me to headspace and heartspace: the idea that to be happy, thoughtful, loving, creative people, we need dedicated physical space for our bodies and minds.

My husband and I were living in a one-bedroom apartment on a busy city street. Fresh off our wedding, we crammed that apartment with registry must-haves that didn’t serve much of a purpose.

I began purging to make room for my head and my heart. I adopted a capsule wardrobe. I brought bags upon bags and box after box to the thrift store or the alley dumpster. And I’ve been purging ever since.

Four years later, I was still purging (sometimes relapsing) and still looking for a truly simple life.

After Motherhood

My son, my light, my life: he’s brought us so much goodness, which words simply cannot convey. He’s also brought a lot of stuff with him.

Before he was born we traded our apartment for a three-bedroom bungalow in rural Minnesota, which now is packed with, among other things, kid things

Max’s arrival inspired me to rethink my minimalist mission and values. To move beyond an approach focused only on material things and to eliminate the clutter in all areas of our lives to make room for what really matters.

My Mission

I’m cutting back not only to make room for all of our heads and hearts, but also:

  • to eliminate distractions during this all-too-brief period of young childhood
  • to save money on needless things in favor of his future and a high-quality life
  • to limit what goes into and onto our bodies for our health and wellness
  • to reduce our consumption for the future of his world and the one his children will inherit

My minimalist mission has become both broader and more focused: all encompassing, but with the single purpose of making a better life for my son.

And so begins Growing Up Minimal, one young family’s search for a simple life.


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