How a Weekly Photo Challenge Taught Me to Accept What I Have


I’d been feeling a lot of guilt lately: about the way I look, the way I eat, the way I get distracted by work at home and home at work. I’d also been feeling guilty about the state of my house.

We had such grand plans when we moved in just over a year ago, but then life happened: I got pregnant, we had a baby, and we put every penny that could have gone toward renovating into savings for said baby.

Needless to say, we haven’t done much to the house yet.

And I know we’ll be here forever. And I know it takes time for houses to evolve into homes; that there’s no rush. But then I look at the homes of DIY and lifestyle bloggers through the much-edited lens of social media, and I am ashamed by my negligence.


In January I signed up for a weekly photo class, and I finally got around to my first assignment this summer. As I went around from room to room looking for nice compositions, I was struck by all of the beauty around me, all of the lovely details in my home, in its quirks, and in its piles.

In my little, average house I have so much to appreciate, so much for which to be thankful.

There is beauty all around me already. As much as I’d maybe like to, I don’t need to “shop [y]our house.” Mine might not be much, but it’s more than enough for me.


How do you remind yourselves to be thankful for what you have?


2 thoughts on “How a Weekly Photo Challenge Taught Me to Accept What I Have

  1. Lovely insights and wonderful sentiments on not competing with everything we see on social media. So touched that Shoot Along has been part of your journey!


    1. Thank you, Heidi, for Shoot Along. It’s teaching me so much about myself and my family, not to mention photography! Glad you like the post!


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