I Tried It: One Focused Hour

Yesterday I came across “The Power of One Focused Hour a Day,” and the timing couldn’t have been better. I was just getting the courage and momentum to start this blog, but was feeling like there was no way I could fit it into my day, what with a full-time job and a new(ish) baby at home. (He’s five months old. How much longer do I get to call him “a new baby”? Do I still get to use that excuse?) Enter Srinivas Rao’s idea of one focused hour a day, which “can produce amazing results.” According to Rao,

  • With one focused hour a day you can write a book within a year, write 1000 words a day or finish a 45,000-word manuscript in 6 months.

  • With one focused hour a day you can easily develop a daily writing habit, and even write something daily as Seth Godin does.

  • With one focused hour a day you can make time to read the books you’ve been wanting to read.

  • With one focused hour you can find flow and build momentum for your creative endeavor

  • With one focused hour a day you can learn a new language

    Now, I may not have a lot of free time, but I have more than I think, and I definitely have one hour each day. So I tried it.

I woke up at 5 a.m., started the coffee, and wrote. I sat down in quiet darkness with nothing to distract me but the sound of crickets outside my window. No baby. No phone. And I wrote. I watched the sun come up, and I wrote some more. It was beautiful.

In the past I’ve been pretty good at coming up with ways to get out of things that scare me, things that ask me to be vulnerable, uncomfortable, or especially diligent. Those excuses usually take the form of “I just don’t have the time.” Maybe now that I’ve tried the focused hour, they’ll be fewer and far between.

If you had one unfocused hour every day, what would you accomplish?


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